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First time shopping

shopping process
New Member> Click Catalog> Click "New User Registration" to become a free member. After registering, you can start shopping at the shopping mall

Old member> Click on the category page> Click "Member Login" Please log in directly using email and password

Log in members ►Product add to cart ►Confirm order ►Select delivery method ►Fill order information ►Collect order ►Order set ►Please email ►Product received

payment method

▲ credit card | (bank transfer remittances) ATM | general home delivery cash on delivery | black cat cash on delivery | super code code payment |

※ Please check the payment before payment, delivery method is correct

Delivery Time

Goods orders and completed after the checkout (including payment methods), shipped within 1-2 days;

Delivery time for every Monday to Friday, special holidays and holidays are delayed delivery until the working day, arrival time according to the logistics and distribution status

▲ General Configuration: >> 1-2 Days Arrival <2-3 days arrival in remote areas>

▲ black cat delivery: >> 1-2 days arrival <normal delivery every other day>

▲ Rapid delivery: >> 3 hours delivery <delivery time AM10: 30-PM17: 30>

▲ Convenience Store: >> 3-5 Days Arrival <Depending on Supermarket Logistics Status

▲ overseas are sent by Chunghwa Post International Express (EMS).

Distribution billing

▲ Please refer to "Freight Calculation"

In vivo delivery risk

In addition to home delivery, other delivery methods, does not include shipping risk

✔ General home delivery

✔ Black cat home delivery

✔ Rapid delivery

✖ black cat house with [Taiwan Islands]

✖ Convenience store

✖ Overseas [China Post International Express (EMS)]

Delivery Area

▲ Distribution Billing only applies to: Taiwan island (Islands costs additional dollars)

▲ other countries <delivery costs, please contact customer service staff>